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In this seminar, I wish to share my “Best Practices” TIPS learned during my lifetime pursuit of self-improvement, peak performance.  I spent thousands of dollars $$$ and years obsessed with understanding self-growth & motivation.  I attended Tony Robbins seminars as well purchased many of his courses, I became a “Firewalker” Instructor with the same teacher Tony Robbins hired to teach him, Tolly Burkan.  I learned to walk on broken glass, break an arrow with my throat, bend a steel raw bar with my throat, pierce my hand with a surgical needle (intentionally), break bricks with my hand, etc.  I credit many of these techniques and knowledge with my personal and career achievements.  I went from Package car driver to Country Manager of UPS, one of the world’s 100 Fortune Co.  I left after 20 years to pursue entrepreneurship by following my passion for the oceans becoming a commercial USCG Master Captain and launched a Tour boat company in Puerto Rico and Boat Charters in Miami.  Even within my 20 years in UPS I had to start from ZERO (0) every two (2) years as I became an expert in “Business Optimization”, restructuring poor performing operations into stable profitable operations.  I am NOW focused on sharing my EXPERIENCES, “Best Practices” learned and applied through my personal journey of self-empowerment and cross-functional career experience.

Key Topics
  • Body Posture / Importance and relationship with your feelings, emotions

  • Sound, Frequency & Vibrations (Cymantics), Effect of ours Words, sounds, vocabulary with the world around us

  • Mirror Technique for better Rapport, connectivity

  • Breathe, Importance, techniques

  • Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind and how to "Re-program" new habits

  • Mindfulness, Focus on the quality of our attention in the present-NOW

  • Mind & Body “Quick tips” (Hacks)

  • Importance of Balance 

  • Wake Up! Next time you look in the mirror! Be Mindful! BREATHE, SMILE, POSTURE, GRATITUDE, ETC. to start your day.

  • 22-day challenge / make it a habit / re-program your “Subconscious”



Bottom line topics shared in this presentation are to motivate anyone into taking action for “self-improvement” by awakening the audience of their true “Mind-Body” techniques for PEAK performance on any area of their life.

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About Me
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From package car driver to "Country Manager" of one of the worlds top fortune 100 company's UPS. From the "old fashion way to the superhighway" Of today's global collaborative economy.

I worked my way up the old fashion way in one of the worlds top fortune 100 company's, United Parcel Services (UPS). I started as a package car driver and within a year was already into management. At UPS I took advantage of every opportunity presented and became an expert on "Business optimization"  Rotating through almost every role on management while undertaking the most distressed operations and turning them around into profitable & organized operations. Some of the roles I held in my 20 years with UPS were Airport airline station manager, Operations Manager, Quality Auditor, Sales manager, Marketing manager, VP sales for Latin America & Caribbean to Country Manager for the Caribbean. 

New Chapter.  Chasing the DREAM! Lifestyle Entrepreneurship! 

In one of my business trips to Latin America with UPS, I read an article in the airline magazine called "Lifestyle Entrepreneurship" It was about a banking executive from NY that had left everything behind to open a Scuba diving shop on the Caribbean Island of "Roatan" in Honduras. He explained the importance of working every day on something you feel passionate about! And if you did so you would never work another day in your life.  As you were actually living your dream. 


This sparked a FLAME in my heart & soul that kept me awake most nights to the point I decided to resign from my executive position at UPS and pursue my passion.  Everything "Ocean" is my passion.  I grew up on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and the ocean had played an integral role all of my life. I became a US Coast Guard "Master" 50 Ton licensed Captain, I also got a US Sailing Bareboat Captains license a PADI Diver certification, etc. and launched my own small business of "Boat tours" in Puerto Rico & Miami. 

"My dream did NOT come true" 

4 years into my "dream" business ventures I looked at myself one day in the mirror and did not like what I saw I had taken my LOVE for the ocean and had converted it into WORK! I could never imagine myself saying "thank god the day is over" after ending the 5th. Boat excursion of the day as a Captain. The amount of responsibility (similar to a Pilot) of a commercial Captain combined with all the challenges every small business owner faces had me barely taking a day off.  I was able to take one (1) week of vacation in three (3) years.  As a small company I also learned quickly that despite how creative you may be with your cash flow, at the end of the day if you want to sustain your business strong & healthy you end up re-investing most of your income back into the business and as such my own salary was a mere shadow of what I was making previously as an executive for a global fortune 100 company. Money is not everything.  But for me, the biggest impact was how I saw the fact that I had killed my "Passion" and turned it into work.  I no longer had an escape hobby to relax as this is what the Ocean was for me all of my life. 

At this point, I decided I was going to sell the business and get back to “corporate America” where I could apply my management experiences & business acumen and leave the OCEAN as my escape, Life Passion for my personal leisure time off instead of work and thus achieve a better life, work balance.

New Industry! 2007 - December 2016

Because my business was a "boat tour operations" in Puerto Rico I got involved in the "tourism & hospitality" sector.  After selling my business I was approached by an executive in the Puerto Rico Tourism company and asked me if I knew of anyone who could assist them with their sales & marketing efforts and the rest is history.  I took over the challenge and managed over 30 manager's in all key markets globally. I was responsible for all sales & promotional efforts, sales staff & administrative offices globally. Development & execution of sales, market & cost plans. Negotiate, implement all cooperative agreements within top partners globally such as Expedia, Jetblue vacations, Amex, Orbitz, traditional wholesalers, etc. and manage each of these channels key indexes performances. Met and exceeded goals and objectives in all key indexes during my tenure in this role such as ADR, total # of visitor arrivals, trade events, seminars, promotional campaigns, all partner OTA's & wholesalers sales channel performances were achieved with less staffing & resources thus lower cost. 

Back to the future! 

I ended my term and previous role in Tourism as Director of Global Sales for the Puerto Rico Tourism company in December of 2016. At over 50 years and with a broad cross-functional career and management background I find myself again at another important crossroad in my life.  After taking what I believe was a well earned 6 months "Sabbatical" to rest after 30 years at full speed ahead, traveling during all this period between 50-80% of my time I have now re-focused and balanced myself with plenty of Ocean off course! Lots of it by the way! My son even calls me "gingerbread man" (tan). I went from "meat lover" to 100% plant-based diet, my Body & fitness level now is similar to when I was in my 20's! So now Its time to get back full speed ahead once more and have decided I wanted to build another business of my own but this time focusing on HELPING other's overcome their business challenges. 

Living life as an Adventure! 

Surfing, windsurfing, scuba diver, paddle-board, sailing & motorboat captain, skydiving, hang glider through the sky, fire-walker, breaking bricks with my hands, walking on glass, bending steel with my throat, trespassing my hand with a long piercing object and more! 

If you actually google my name you will find a newspaper article with this title about myself. You see, in addition to sharing above some highlights of my career & business experiences I have always had a big thirst to "Live life as an Adventure".  Since very young by the time I started as a package driver with UPS at 19 years old I was obsessed with Anthony Robbins. I took almost every course he had to offer. My first "Firewalking" experiences was in one of his personal power seminars in Texas which I got so impressed by the experience that I then reached out to Tolly Burkan who had taught Tonny Robbins how to walk on fire and I certified myself later as a "Fire walker" instructor after spending a week in the mountains with people from all over the world meditating and walking dozens of times through fire to become Firewalker instructors. My Nautical adventures were also worth several chapters of this life novel. From sea storms, running aground, only once but I guess every Captain is a better Captain with hands-on experience. Sunken ships, towing vessels in distress during bad weather, Plus lots more fun stuff while cruising through incredible anchorages and meeting many amazing lifetime friends from the ocean salt community.


My equal passion for learning how to live to your maximum potential also led me to develop a one (1) day motivational seminar from all my experiences which I gave a few dozens throughout Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Miami, etc. I would teach a summary of the best practices I had learned from my personal experiences and all the different workshops and seminars I had attended. I must admit that besides my passion for the Ocean, teaching others how to succeed in this game of life is without a doubt one of my most fulfilling experiences. One which I know deep in my heart I will formally resume in the future! UPDATE! It is NOW a reality as I have now launched my motivational speaker presentation seminar as of October 2018. 

One of the key lessons I taught everyone was the following! 

Knowledge is important! But ACTION is the real POWER! If you do not take action on what you believe! Learned or know! Then it's not worth much. ACTION is POWER!  Knowledge without ACTION is NOT power.

A simple question I would ask in my seminars to illustrate this was the following; How many of you know what to do to lose ten (10) pounds? Certainly most of anybody these days know exactly what you have to do to lose ten (10) ten pounds.  But there is a BIG difference between "Knowing Vs taking Action" Bottom line! Action is POWER!

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Gabriel Emanuelli
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This book is a summary of my best practices and tips learned on my personal journey from a meat lover into a plant-based vegan diet together with my fitness and health transformation achieved at 55 years of age. I have always been an active person, but despite this, I kept gaining weight and “Fat” up to reaching 230 pounds at my max weight. 

In this book I will share how I achieved a weight of 180 pounds with significant fat loss and muscle gains at the age of 55.

Key points of my transformation shared in this book;

  • 100% at home workouts, no gym

  • NO formal, written routine plan followed

  • Never counted calories, never got hungry

  • 100% natural, NO workout supplements or growth hormones consumed

Even if you do not become 100% plant-based, you can benefit from the many tips shared during my journey and personal research. 

Only YOU can change your life! If you wish to see a change in this world! YOU must start by changing YOUR world! YOU got this!

I sincerely wish you the best in your life journey!

Gabriel posses a work ethic, passion and strategic vision which few are able to display and convey with any consistency, and which inspires those around him to challenge themselves on a daily basis. I worked directly with Gabriel for his entire tenure at PRTC, and consider him one of the strongest executives in any Department of Tourism around the world. He is a confident, personable, no-nonsense executive who has a sharp focus on the bottom line and results metrics, but understands the role optimization can play in making a decent program, a great program. I highly recommend Gabriel with no reservations, and firmly believe he would be an excellent addition to any executive team looking to turn around a business or take it to new heights.

John Cooper



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